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Josh ross

We are an appointment only custom shop. To schedule any appointments,
please email your artist of choice.

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Raygun Samurai Tattoo is an APPOINTMENT ONLY custom tattoo shop. Raygun Samurai formed Aug 2017. Bethlehem, PA is known for its community, culture, and love of the arts. Due to overwhelming demand and being appointment only, we cannot tattoo every request. Most of our artists are booked months in advance and selective on the types of projects taken on.

In return, while we understand our clients are important, we promise to always make art our first priority and strive to not just do a good tattoo, but do a great tattoo. 



As a shop we've won numerous awards, attended conventions across the country, been featured in magazines such as Fig, Tattoo Magazine, Skin Art, Tattoos for Men and Tattoos for Women.

Over the past decade our artists have tattooed thousands of clients ecstatic over their new body art, made new friends, and probably changed more than a few people's lives along the way.


We want to strive to not be your typical tattoo shop. Our desire is to be the Lehigh Valley's best

illustratively driven custom

tattoo shop. 

We love tattoos that look like tattoos and specialize in illustrative tattoos with clean lines and bold colors.

We promise to provide you with a unique, one of a kind, custom piece of art that you can be proud to display forever.

We are always working to get better, making sure you get the highest quality tattoo possible.


Recent works by our talented artists

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